Community Plan – Roadmap to 2025.

Greetings Executive Board and Board of Representatives members!

I am pleased to submit to you the final draft of the GVC Community Plan: Roadmap to 2025 for your review.  The comments we received from your last review have been incorporated.  We will be asking you to approve this document in the March Executive Board and Board of Representatives meetings respectively.  After your approval, we intend to submit this to the Board of Supervisors for their acceptance.

The document we have asked you to review is the text only – we are still working on the final layout style, but the words will not change.     CommPlan Manuscript-2 23 15 rev2  

Please submit any comments to

Interesting and Helpful workshops and speakers planned this fall and 2015 for GVC member Homeowner Associations

  • GVC Presidents Cluster meeting, Salvation Army Conference Room (next to GVC offices) at 1:30 pm, 2/24/15.
  • GVC Law Workshop, Legal Aspects of HOA Elections (continued) at 9:30 am, Feb 27, at Desert Hills Recreation Center.

March, 2015

  • GVC Workshop: Officer’s Training, Treasurer, Secretary and Presidents’ sessions, 3/17/15, Salvation Army Conference Room.  Details to follow.
  • Board of Representative meeting (Desert Hills Rec Center), 8:30 am, Roundtable discussions: Living in an HOA & How to get Residents Involved.

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2014 Arizona Legislation that affects Homeowner Associations

Each bill became effective on July 24, 2014.  The GVC has placed a summary of all the bills on its Current Issues page under the “Members” tab .  [Or click here to go to the Legislation]