Below is a linked index of GVC committees and liaison officers. Click on a title for descriptions and a path to the respective charter. For additional information, or to volunteer, please contact GVC at 648-1936 or e-mail us at

Archivist – Stan A. Riddle, Archivist
The Archivist is responsible for collecting, preserving and referencing current and historical reports, documents, letters, maps, land development and approved building projects.

By-Laws Committee – Eddie Peabody, Chair

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for recommending additions, changes, deletions or other revisions to the GVC Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. The committee is reconstituted and meets on an ad hoc basis as changing conditions dictate. The GVC President selects a Chair and provides guidance on meetings and matters to be considered. The Committee, when constituted, recommends specific wording of proposed revisions, compatible with the language of existing Bylaws, to the Executive Board and the Board of Representatives.

Citizen Corps Committee – Chief Chuck Wunder & Lt. Jeff Palmer, Co-Liaisons

The Citizen Corps provides GVC liaison among the Green Valley area first responders. These include Green Valley Fire District, Pima County Sheriff’s Department and Sahuarita Police Department, each of which provides a member on the committee. Citizen Corps supports Greater Green Valley Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers (SAV), Sahuarita Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS), amateur radio associations, The Animal League of Green Valley and local civic groups.

Community Services Committee – Joe McCalpin, Chair

The Community Services Committee provides initiatives, guidance and coordination in areas not under the purview of other committees. It has broad latitude in developing new ventures to address developing needs. It is responsible for the Household Hazardous Waste collection held in Green Valley.   It developed and installed the Dispose-a-Med system which provides safe, secure bins in the Green Valley Sheriff’s station for disposal of expired medications. For more about the Dispose-A-Med Program.

Environmental Committee – John Kozma, Chair

The Environmental Committee works on environmental quality and environmental issues that affect and/or concern the community with specific reference to: water, air, natural environmental areas, beautification of Green Valley and energy conservation. It serves as a community resource, studying environmental issues and preparing information sheets for the purpose of communicating with the media, governmental agencies and residents.

Government Liaison – Don Weaver,  Liaison

Because of the important, high-level profile of governmental liaison, the four principal officers of GVC, President, and Vice Presidents, retain the incumbent authorities of government liaison.

Health and Human Services Committee –   Fran King, Chair

The committee works with existing medical, health and related human services providers to assure the availability of a continuum of community and home-based support services. It takes the lead in coordinating and maintaining a registry of social service and health-care providers. It ensures preventative and acute health care services are available in Green Valley such as the new urgent care center. Current projects include Walk Across Arizona, support for the Volunteers Clearinghouse and the on-going cooperation among the Town of Sahuarita, medical centers and Green Valley to facilitate the new Green Valley Hospital.

Membership Liaison – Bill Copeland, Liaison

Develops supportive relationships with prospective GVC members. By enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the Council’s role in the community, the Membership Liaison Officer encourages them to join. The MLO also helps to facilitate the application process, including review of CC & Rs and other community documents.

Nominating Committee – Bill Copeland, Chair

The Nominating Committee, upon appointment by the President, prepares a slate of candidates for the offices of the Corporation. The slate is then presented to the Board of Representatives, in alternate years, at its first regular meeting in October. The slate is then voted on at the Board’s next regular meeting in November. When a vacancy occurs in any elective office between regular elections, the committee recommends candidate(s) to the Board to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the unexpired term.

Personnel Committee – Glenn Lundell, Chair

The Personnel Committee reviews personnel policies, recommends policy changes to the Executive Board and serves as an ad hoc grievance committee. The committee ensures appropriate application of personnel policies by staff and Executive Board.

The PAG Liaison officer serves as the conduit of information between the Council and the PAG Regional Council. This individual informs GVC of opportunities for participation in PAG on its boards and commissions.

Planning and Architectural Committee – Bill O’Malley, Chair

The Planning and Architectural Committee (P&A) of the GVC was combined in 2009 to review the future use of property in Green Valley (Planning), the regulation and specfic use of the land by ordinances (Zoning), and Architecture and Site Planning considerations of new developments.  By virtue of agreements adopted by the Pima County Board of Supervisors of the Green Valley Specific Plan, this Committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing all Planning, Zoning and Design Review projects within the above area and recommending actions to the Pima County Development Services Department prior to any formal action by the County Planning & Zoning Commission and Board of Supervisors. Planning:

  • Review petitions for rezoning and variance request and hold public hearings.
  • Evaluate proposed General Plan Amendments in Green Valley and make recommendations
  • Send specific recommendations on all Planning and Zoning requests to the Pima County Development Services Department before future entitlements are considered by the County

Architectural Design Review:

  • In character with the existing southwestern architectural style of Green Valley
  • Compatible with existing development in the surrounding area
  • Sensitive and contain an architectural and landscape design/theme that includes the character, scale and quality of design which will relate to and be compatible with the existing site and the character of adjacent buildings and neighborhoods.
  • Compatible with local issues that are important in Green Valley (flood control, native plant preservation, traffic circulation, open space buffers, topographic and grading concerns, etc.) and can demonstrate Pima County Development Staff concurrence with appropriate design element of the plans.


Public Utilities Liaison – Eddie Peabody, Jr. , Liaison

This post monitors local utilities to ensure that adequate water, electric, gas, telephone and sewage services are provided at a fair price. Related issues of conservation, protection of the environment, architectural and scenic harmony, and inter-utility cooperation are also monitored.

Traffic and Arroyos Committee – Sandra Stone, Chair and Donna Severidt, Chair

This committee works with state and county agencies to ensure present and future locations of roads, traffic signs and signals, traffic patterns, pedestrian crosswalks, multi-purpose lanes, median and street lighting and promote maximum safety and efficiency. It has established a system for the orderly maintenance of streets and arroyos. The Committee and GVC staff provide a method for both HOAs and individuals to submit timely reports of street or arroyo problems for resolution by appropriate authority.

Transit Committee – Dick Roberts, Chair
The Green Valley/Sahuarita Transit Committee was formed in 1998 to bring transit service to the area. In 2005 a Federal Grant was received to provide limited service for three years, including service to Tucson. In 2006, the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) was formed in Pima County, by the voters, to have a half-cent sales tax for Transportation and Transit. One service of the RTA was to provide service within the Green Valley/Sahuarita area and to Tucson. This service started in 2009.
Adhoc Committees