About GVC

Since 1973, the Green Valley Council through its member Homeowners Associations (HOAs) represent over two-thirds of all Green Valley residents and is as close to a local government as exists in this unincorporated retirement community.  Frequent communication with County, State and Federal government officials and involvement by GVC leadership on decision-making bodies on all levels of government, has proved effective in getting things done.  All echelons of government look to the Council as the “Community Voice” of Green Valley. [Org_Structure]

HOAs face many challenges in making life better for residents:

  • Maintaining roads and common areas as well as architectural standards
  • Staying informed about — and in compliance with — relevant legislative changes
  • Maintaining communications and mutually beneficial relationships with other HOAs
  • Presenting community concerns and petitions to governmental bodies
  • Protecting the environment
  • Managing conflict resolution
  • Helping residents with access to health care

Green Valley Council provides the forum that unifies our community.  There is strength in numbers, and together we can achieve — together we have achieved — more than any single HOA could alone. REPRESENTATION – 2012 NovemberThe value of participating in GVC begins with a seat at the table. Each participating HOA plays an integral role in the GVC Board of Representatives. That representation ensures that residents’ specific needs and expectations are voiced.  Representation also means that decisions are made together , with resident and HOA input, creating an overall agenda with a genuine community perspective. INFLUENCE –  That unified and strong voice amplifies Green Valley’s influence. Representing the HOAs and the residents, GVC plays a key advocacy role with governmental bodies, including order Control, Pima County, the State of Arizona and the US government, as well as with local corporate bodies that impact our quality of life, such as the mines.  Influence in those arenas can have positive outcomes – and can help prevent negative impacts. CLOUT – GVC committees have direct access to decision makers. Government officials from the county, state and federal levels regularly attend GVC Committees, Executive Board and Board of Representatives meeting.